Frequently Asked Questions

A new system, including technology, that simplifies community giving.

A Cash Back Rewards program that combines the spirit of community giving with local business marketing objectives.

No, vigeoXchange users and the organizations they support earn real Cash Back Rewards from purchases at participating businesses.

It is free for local organizations and their supporters to join and use vigeoXchange.

vigeoXchange app Icon on an iPhone.

vigeoXchange is a web application that can be accessed on internet-connected device. You can create a vigeoXchange "shortcut" icon on your device home or desktop screen.

Check out the examples below to learn how.

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vigeoXchange is not available in the app stores. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

vigeoOffers are special mystery Cash Back Reward offers from participating businesses.

They always provide richer Giveback/Cash Back rates than transactions processed without a saved vigeoOffer.

An individual can create an account by going to and clicking the join button.

An individual may also be invited by participating organizations who share a registration link via email or other online platforms.

Organizations can request to enroll in vigeoXchange by completing the vigeoXchange Organization profile form or contacting

Businesses can request a business consultation and product demo by completing the form found here.

Redeeming your Cash Back is easy. Simply click on the Cash Back Rewards listed under your name in the menu and follow the instructions.


Log into your account and click on your name. You may need to expand the menu first.

Change your phone number under Contact Information, then click Save at the bottom of the page.

Open your Profile.

  • Example 1: You've got several organizations listed under Supported Organizations:
    1. On the organization you wish to be connected to your phone number click "Set as Favorite Need" or on the Star icon
  • Example 2: You've been sent a link to an support an organization:
    1. Click on the link, then and scroll down.
    2. Click "Sign In" under Already a Member?
    3. On the next page click "Set as Favorite Need" or on the Star icon

You can monitor your vigeoXchange transactions under Transaction History.

Log into your account and click on Transaction History. You may need to expand the menu first. Be sure to select "All" from the dropdown options. Transaction History

When you make a purchase at a participating business, identify yourself as a vigeoXchange member and provide the phone number associated with your account.

Note: The special vigeoOffers that you "view" and "save" with the larger cash back rewards automatically apply when a business enter the transaction, as long as the purchase is made before the expiration date. There isn't anything you or the businesses need to do differently!

The up-to-date business list is available here.

It may take up to 72 hours for a business to enter your transaction. If after that time you feel a transaction hasn't been submitted please contact us. Transaction History